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Unique Museum Experiences in Los Angeles

The Broad Museum - Los Angeles

Los Angeles is so close to the Entertainment Capital of the World that you might expect to see celebrities walking down the street. When you get tired of looking for the rich and famous, you can visit any of the museums that make the city so great. You can have some unique museum experiences in LA that you won't find anywhere else in the world.

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust‍

One place you may want to visit is the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, which offers a look at this significant event as well as the people who lived through the Holocaust and those who lost their lives. The museum has interactive exhibits as well as permanent and temporary exhibits that change every few months. You can view the videos of survivors talking about their experiences in the Tree of Testimony and learn about some of the camps.

Museum of Death - Skulls

Museum of Death‍

With a name like the Museum of Death, you might think twice about heading here, but millions of visitors found that it offered a unique experience. This funky museum is open to visitors of all ages but might be too gruesome for younger guests. You can view artwork created by famous serial killers and see an extensive collection of coffins and body bags. The Museum of Death has replicas of renowned execution tools and lets you watch a recruiting video released by the Heaven's Gate Cult.

MODS Museum of Dream Space‍

You can take a break from death and despair with a visit to the MODS Museum of Dream Space. This was the first museum in the country to offer digital artists the chance to exhibit their work. Each display features surreal colors and designs that put you in a dream-like state.

Museum of Selfies‍

As you consider some of the unique museum experiences in LA, you might find yourself heading back to the Museum of Selfies more than once. While you can take a selfie by the Hollywood Sign or with your favorite celebrity's star on the Walk of Fame, this museum offers even more selfie opportunities. Each exhibit is interactive and immersive, designed to make you a part of the display. You can take dozens of unique photos that you'll want to share on Instagram before you head home.

Optical Illusion of a Crocodile eating a woman

Museum of Illusions‍

Similar to the Museum of Selfies, the Museum of Illusions offers plenty of opportunities to take selfies. This museum is suitable for children and adults who want to have a great time. The Upside Down House looks just like a traditional house but with everything turned upside down. You can wander through seven different rooms and take photos in each one. The museum also has a 3D illusions area where the walls come to life. An African safari and dinosaur exhibit are just some of the displays you'll find in this area.

When looking for unique museum experiences in LA, don't forget about the Broad Museum, which is home to The Infinity Mirrored Room and other special exhibits. Any of these museums can add a special touch to your LA vacation.

May 22, 2020
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