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Thing To Know About Dance DTLA 2017

dance dtla grant park

Are you looking for something to do this summer? If so, Los Angeles is the perfect place to be. This summer, there will be several events taking place throughout Downtown LA. From outdoor movie screenings to live performances, there is always something to find. One event, in particular, to get jazzed up about is Dance Downtown LA. Are you in the mood to listen to some great music and dance the night away? Want to discover new types of dance moves in a fun environment? If so, Dance DTLA at Grand Park is just the event you’ve been waiting for! 

Dance Downtown LA is a favorite local event that takes place in the summertime. Now in its 13th year, Dance DTLA is back and better than ever. If you hadn’t heard, Dance DTLA is an event that takes place on most Friday nights throughout the summer months, where you can dance with friends and family under the stars. When coming to a Dance DTLA event, you’ll find yourself in a judgment-free zone where you can have fun dancing regardless of your talent level. At every dance event, there is a different type of dance being featured, which means you can learn new dance moves and have fun! At this event, you can dance to Disco, Cumbia, Line Dancing, and so much more! This year, Dance DTLA will be entirely hosted at Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles.

The first night of Dance Downtown LA will be held on June 23rd. You’ll find Grand Park at 200 N. Grand Ave in Downtown. And the best part is, the event is entirely FREE! Grand Park also has some different activities for locals and visitors alike to enjoy this summer. For example, grab a bite to eat every weekday starting at 11 am where you can enjoy a large number of gourmet Food Trucks all conveniently parked along Grand Park. For more information on events, visit www.grandparkla.org

June 2, 2017
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