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How to Get Tickets to the Ellen Show

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show is a talk show that airs daily. Hosted by the actress and comedian of the same name, it started in 2003 and quickly became one of the most popular talk shows in history. The show won dozens of Daytime Emmy Awards and even broke the record that Oprah Winfrey set during her years on television. You might get to see Haunted House, where her producer, Andy, goes through a haunted attraction. No matter which segments are your favorite, you can see them live when you learn how to get tickets to The Ellen Show.

Win Big Prizes‍

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Since launching her show, Ellen began working with companies to give away prizes to her guests. Most episodes let guests win small prizes such as sweatshirts and hats. If you don't win, you can buy the same products from the gift shop. The 12 Days of Giveaways is an event that takes place every year in December. This is when the show gives away small and large prizes every day to those in the studio audience and those watching at home. You can win gift cards for your favorite stores, electronics, exercise equipment, and even all-expenses-paid vacations.

What are the Biggest Prizes Won in the Past? ‍

Ellen shocked her fans when she announced plans to write checks for $1,000 to those in need, but that was just one of the big giveaways that she had over the years. Lisa Jarmon won the big 12 Days of Giveaways prize and walked away with a new car. Ellen liked her so much that she brought her back on the show to receive a free trip to Disneyland. Lisa appeared once again when the talk show host gifted her a new house. An Oklahoma teacher also won big prizes from the show, including a bookmobile for her school and a $25,000 check.

How to Get Tickets to the Ellen Show‍

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If you want to live the Hollywood lifestyle, you can use any of the prizes that you get from the show. Though tickets are free, you need to request one or more tickets in advance. You need to visit the official website of The Ellen Show and look through the calendar to find a free date. Tickets book weeks and even months in advance. You can then fill out a short form with your request and wait to hear if you got tickets.

You can also look at how to get tickets to The Ellen Show on the day of filming. The show has a limited number of tickets available every day and hands them out to those waiting in line outside of the studio. You can also call before noon on the day of the show to see if tickets are available. While some people offer to sell tickets to the show, you cannot guarantee that they are valid. When you use the right channels, you can get seats to any taping of The Ellen Show and possibly win some big prizes.

May 8, 2020
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