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Four Secret L.A. Sightings

hidden secrets spots in LA

Los Angeles has some exciting places to keep visitors busy during their entire time in LA. There are museums like the Broad Museum, and there are some of the best restaurants around. There’s always something to do in LA. If you’re looking for something off the beaten track, check out these hidden secrets spots in LA.


The Edison bar gives off a speakeasy vibe right in the heart of Los Angeles. The bar is a renovated power plant that still gives off an old-school, industrial speakeasy vibe. With its classy ambiance, be sure to dress to impress and get ready to enjoy the craft cocktails, absinthe, and burlesque shows.

The Bronson “Bat Caves”

A location that you probably have never seen in LA is the part of Griffith Park that was once a rock quarry. After being closed off in the 1920s, a few caves were left behind waiting for adventurous explorers to find, or movie production studios. For example, these caves are where the Batcave scenes were filmed in the original Batman television show. Explore these fun caves today.

Old Mulholland Highway

While you’ve probably heard of the beautiful Mulholland drive that features gorgeous views of LA, you probably haven’t heard that the end of the old highway ends at a series of dirt trails leading into Griffith Park. Along the now dirt path, you’ll still see some of the original pieces of road that made up the Mulholland Drive. Another upside, the trail also provides excellent views of the Hollywood Sign.

Dockweiler State Beach

Los Angeles has some great beaches for locals and visitors, but while there are many beaches to choose from, there is only one beach in LA county that allows fire pits, and that beach is Dockweiler. If you are looking to enjoy a bonfire on the beach with friends and family, Dockweiler state beach is the place to go. Bring your firewood, and be sure to come early to stake your claim to one of the limited fire pits you’ll find along the beach.

October 12, 2018
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